DecisionLogic Surpasses 10 Million Customer Mark

DecisionLogic Surpasses 10 Million Customer Mark

San Diego Business Guides Customer Finance Business with Realtime Electronic Transactional Data That Renders the FICO Score Obsolete

SAN DIEGO–( COMPANY WIRE )–DecisionLogic, a FinTech leader in bank verification, has established so it has surpassed the 10 million customer mark. DecisionLogic’s customers consist of vendor loan providers, home loans, property agents, payday and money installment lenders, merchants, consumer finance businesses and finance institutions in Australia, Canada, great britain, united states of america and brand brand brand New Zealand.

DecisionLogic is a advanced level bank verification Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform allowing loan providers to immediately validate a possible borrower’s banking information on the internet plus in real-time. Past options for doing this technique created many dilemmas for both the loan provider and borrower, including inconvenience, wait, inaccuracy and fraudulence. DecisionLogic originated this technology having an objective to boost asset verification for both the customer and service that is financial, enhancing the economic industry all together and producing possibilities for a sizable percentage of the people to get into monetary assets and that can be therefore critically vital that you their well-being.

“DecisionLogic’s fresh, real-time transactional information leads the way in which due to the fact monetary industry learns to maneuver beyond the original ‘dinosaur’ FICO credit history,” said David Evans, president of DecisionLogic. “We give consumers an easy method to retake ownership of their‘report that is financial card’. Customers and loan providers appreciate that people can offer understanding of a borrower’s financial profile that reports recent real-time banking history, work and investing. FinTech should democratize the consumer’s role when you look at the industry that is financial. In the place of depending on a credit report which may penalize a debtor for the belated charge card re re payment from 5 years back, loan providers wish to look at the borrower’s up-to-the-minute financial situation – whether the debtor is a person or small company.”

“As consumers worldwide move online more and much more every year, electronic banking happens to be a convenient, normal section of their life, likewise online asset verification happens to be main-stream — it is not only early adopters utilizing us today. Because of this, as soon as DecisionLogic’s clients go through the advantages of realtime reporting that is financial will not go back to outdated methods,” said Carl Fredericks, DecisionLogic CEO.

Evans and Fredericks pointed to many other effective facets of DecisionLogic’s business model which have resulted in surpassing the 10 million customer milestone:

• Consumer engagement is crucial and extremely high with most of DecisionLogic’s lenders.

• DecisionLogic increases lead-to-loan ratios by up to 500 per cent due to the fact technology enables a person with online access including a smartphone to confirm their income that is fast anywhere, as well as for such a thing.

• DecisionLogic is embedded in loan provider the web sites allowing integration that is seamless applicant workflow on the internet and through mobile phones.

• In an a/b that is scientific of 30,000 loans, DecisionLogic technology paid off first-time standard prices by 40 % contrasted to subprime credit reporting agencies.

• DecisionLogic was lucrative for pretty much 5 years and it is entirely self-funded. The DecisionLogic objective is always to develop a certainly customer-friendly company that genuinely solves problems and delivers a service that companies develop to rely on.

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Bart Miller, one of many country’s leading authorities on sub-prime financing and CEO of Centrinex, states, “We’ve been utilizing DecisionLogic across a wide range of portfolios for a long time – DecisionLogic could be the industry standard for electronic bank verification.”